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Subject: Aegis Ashore At Sea
SYSOP    9/26/2022 6:12:30 AM
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Toryu88       9/28/2022 6:06:15 PM
A lot of this is fall out (no pun intended) from the Japanese losing WWII and their American designed constitution. They have become in the main, pacifists. Today they just don't like things military. Over the decades most of the "aggressive" American combat presence on Japan proper was toned down or removed to Okinawa, which became the 19th Prefecture after 1974 when the Us gave control of the sovereign state that Japan seized back in the 1800's. Once a strategic "keystone" of American defense in the Western pacific, it is now a pathetic remnant. A few bases, primarily air force and Marine remain and even those are under constant attack by the Japanese and Okinawan anti war crowd that insist they are a nuisance and the air and training activities conducted there pose a immediate and constant risk to those who live nearby. Sound familiar? I lived about 200- meters from the perimeter fence of Futenma Marine air field back in the 1960's. Today civilian housing is built almost right up to the fence of the base and the end of the airfield debouches right over an area of very dense housing. So yes, one accidental air craft crash could kill a lot of people. So its like a self fulfilling prophesy. The Japanese and Okinawans won't change their attitude until the Chinese do it for them, when the Chicoms forcibly removed the civilians that live close to the bases after the Japanese lose the Third Sino-Japanese war and the Chinese occupy Okinawa and parts of Japan.
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