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Subject: Soviet RPGs vs US HELOS -Where's Ours?    10/28/2001 10:55:39 PM
I remember in the 1980's the US Army was considering developing a cheap a M16-mounted or universal low-altitude air-burst Individual Anti-Aircraft Rocket, or in the alternate a rocket-assisted air-birst Grenade both rifle mounted or with separate launcher. The weapon was intended to be fired ideally at armed helos or attack fixed-wing aircraft beginning to make their air-to-ground strike runs, thru the horizontal and or during the pull out phase of the strike run. It was intended as an adjunct to the platoon-level anti-air REDEYE/STINGER team, allowing every platoon to vastly increase its anti-air firepower by turning every grunt into a one-man ARTY gun. Helicopter and vehicle mounted launch stations were envisaged. The US Congress, however, frowned on the idea, labeling it unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer dollars which could be beter spendt on costlier, bigger politically popular systems.
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macawman    RE:Soviet RPGs vs US HELOS -Where's Ours?   12/9/2002 6:37:03 PM
A simple answer to this is. Whose aircraft are we more likely to shoot down with this type of weapon? It is not likey, for the near future, that the US will lose tactical or strategic air supremacy. This fact would only change if an economic crisis critically cut the air operations and R&D budget.
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jacques    RE:Soviet RPGs vs US HELOS -Where's Ours?   2/13/2004 5:31:42 AM
That is a very dangerous weapon against friendly air force. An average infantry man does not know how to distinguish between friendly or adversary aircraft. Don't give dangerous toys to trigger happy average infantryman. Leave the air defense business in the hand of air defense troops is a wiser decision eventhough it sounds wimpy.
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