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dale    11/7/2003 6:55:44 AM
I stand to be corrected but I recall our military weapons sales idiots were the people who sold the viscious RPG'S to foreign interests in the first place. Sure is a poor way to do business selling products that will kill our troops. Too bad the casing of one couldn't be salvaged. It would probably read "MADE IN THE USA" "VISIT US AT OUR NEXT MILITARY HARDWARE SALE"
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sentinel28a    RE:WHO MADE THE IRAQ RPG'S??   11/7/2003 11:52:04 AM
Funny, I always thought that the RPG was Russian made. When did Russian/Soviet client states start using American equipment?
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ChdNorm    RE:WHO MADE THE IRAQ RPG'S??   11/21/2003 5:20:23 AM
I've never seen, nor heard of an American made RPG. I believe Iraq has bought most of thiers from the Soviets and Chinese.
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Scorpene    Notes on the RPG, and your answer   11/21/2003 7:52:40 AM
The Russians made the improved warhead that stonked the M-1. The Chobham/Burlington armor that the M-1 uses as it's primary defensive edge is made up of ceramics and mixtures that were first and foremost designed to resist the effects of shaped charges, and that especially included the older versions of the RPG that saw widespread issue throughout the Warsaw Pact. The weapon is not used by the key Western militaries at all (exception: Israel) due largely to the fact that the exposed warhead on the weapon end is considered unsafe by established doctrines. Also, it wasn't made over here-- and that, of course, is the kiss of death.
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WinsettZ    RE:Notes on the RPG, and your answer   11/21/2003 7:07:38 PM
At best we funded the Iraqis: They bought it from where-ever they saw fit. Or, they could have purchased it with their own funds. In the '80s they bought French Mirages and military hardware from Warsaw Pact/Russian client states, makers of copy-cat goods from Russian client states, and from European vendors. All of this was done legit or black market. Either way it does not necessarily implicate us: Iraq had enough money to buy its own weapons, and if we did send money over during the Iraq-Iran war, I doubt they could have purchased much with it, and would eventually bankroll their own purchases.
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gf0012-aust    RE:Notes on the RPG, and your answer   11/26/2003 6:28:46 PM
Well, in actual fact you had people like Baer (formerly CIA) who with the imprimatur of Langley were selling RPG's and strelas to the Mujihadeen. RPG's were sourced from friendlies (such as Poland) and shipped out with false bills of lading. (as he admittede to congress I think) So yes, you have been selling kit to your current enemy. To be fair though, the logic was to destablise russian influence in that region. These things have a tendency to bite you on the bum
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Horsesoldier    RE:Notes on the RPG, and your answer   11/26/2003 8:30:01 PM
>>RPG's were sourced from friendlies (such as Poland) and shipped out with false bills of lading. << I'm not saying that we didn't equip the Mujahedin during the Afghan-Soviet experience (and help Iraq against Iran, for that matter), but to the best of my, perhaps clouded, recollection, Poland was not a friendly nation at the time we would have been supporting the Mujahedin.
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gf0012-aust    RE:Notes on the RPG, and your answer   11/26/2003 8:43:44 PM
Horsesoldier, I think that Poland was used as they were "friendly".. At that stage (and I think it was part of NATO planning that Poland was the most likely to swap sides if things got ugly with the Sovs. More to the point, Poland was going through its solidarity stage and there were safe links in place between CIA and elements of solidarity and the Polish military. I can't recall the exact details, but some sleight of hand was done to organise things like Strelas etc .. Its not a criticism of US actions, I'm commenting on cause and effects. Aust didn't complain about Indonesia when they went into East Timor in 1975, and then we wondered why they think we are hyprocrites in 1999 to go in to protect the East Timorese from a second invasion. As always, its the military who bear the burden for political decisions.
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jacques    RE:Notes on the RPG, and your answer   2/13/2004 5:26:34 AM
Iraqis RPG were not made by Poland ni Russia. They're Chinese made due to cheap labor cost which translate into cheap product. Quality wise Chinese RPGs are just as good as Polish or Russian made RPG. Since RPG is so easy to manufacture maybe the Iraqis made the RPG themselves without needing to buy from the Chinese.
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sentinel28a    RE:Notes on the RPG, and your answer   2/13/2004 4:25:53 PM
Jacques is right--they were most likely Chinese RPGs, since the PRC at the time had no problem selling them to the US. I remember reading that most of the AK-47s found on the streets of Southcentral LA came from Chinese factories (though I doubt they were made for the purpose of gang warfare). Other possibilities for the mujaheddin RPGs are Israel (who made copies of them for their own military--they're lighter than the Dragon and more reliable) or black-market Russians. It has zilch to do with Iraqi RPGs, which were taken home or cached by fedayeen or former Iraqi regulars.
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Perfection Incarnate    RE:Notes on the RPG, and your answer   2/26/2004 7:14:28 AM
The Isrealis don't make RPG launchers, they equipped soldiers with captured Arab RPG-7s however they make their own warheads.
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