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Subject: Indian Defenses Against Chinese And Pakistani Nukes
SYSOP    12/5/2012 5:24:05 AM
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trenchsol       12/5/2012 11:18:40 AM
Big winner in this conflict is Russia which exports weapons to both, India and China.
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dogberry       12/5/2012 1:47:07 PM
The Indians are shooting back, aren't they?
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dogberry       12/5/2012 1:50:02 PM
If one nuclear power launches missiles at another nuclear power, doesn't they second party have to assume the incoming warheads are atomic bombs?   
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vahitkanig       12/5/2012 4:17:00 PM
India  has economic relationship with Iran ,gets 12 percent  of oil import  from  iran and  &&04;ran most gasoline import comes  from &&04;ndia,
India  is not  cooopeeative enough  with US for  sanction  againts  Iran  and Israel   provide  miliitary  technology  India whic  developed  with U.S.
To  whom  we  will blame
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