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Subject: Stinger Missles Leftover From USSR/Afghanistan War
bzs    7/14/2002 10:10:43 AM
These Stingers are most likely non-functional. The homing/guidence system uses a battery with a limited shelf-life which has long since expired. The al-Qaeda/Taliban might be able to fire them, but the missle hitting anything would be almost sheer luck. By the way, I spent over 4 years as a MANPADS crewmember in the U.S. Army. I stand behind this post 100%.
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macawman    RE:Stinger Missles Leftover From USSR/Afghanistan War   8/21/2002 8:34:57 PM
Something as simple as the RPG is doing a effective job against our ground attack AH 64s. There are no critical hits yet. The insurgents are shooting right down on top of them from mountain positions in groups of three or more. I agree with your assertion that the Stinger batterys are dead. I think it is just a matter of time before the insurgents pick up SA-16s or SA-18s shoulder fire missles.
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max    RE:Stinger Missles Leftover From USSR/Afghanistan War   8/22/2002 6:45:15 PM
Couldn't some half competent electrician re-charge those stinger batteries or at least replace them with something similar?
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macawman    RE:Stinger Missles Leftover From USSR/Afghanistan War   8/25/2002 1:42:56 PM
I could not find anything on Stinger shelf life on just its specs.
Quote    Reply    RE:Stinger Missles Leftover From USSR/Afghanistan War   8/27/2002 8:20:29 AM
The 'battery' is not just a power source. It also contains the super-cooling elements which make the seeker head sensitive. I concur with the opinion that there's no way these missiles are still in functional condition. (I was a Stinger Platoon Leader in Germany around the time these were being used in Afghanistan)
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bzs    RE:Stinger Missles Leftover From USSR/Afghanistan War   8/31/2002 10:24:57 AM
There are two batteries involved in the Stinger Missle Weapon System. The first in the Battery/Coolant Unit or BCU. The BCU provides battery power to the missle prior to launch. It also contains a supply of Argon gas which super-cools the seeker-head to make it more sensitive to heat. While the old "RedEye" missles were strictly a "tail-chase" missle, the Stinger is an "All Aspect" missle. This means it will home in on the target aircraft from any angle. The second battery is in the Stinger Missle itself. It provides power to the missle after launch and while in flight. Stingers also self-destruct approximately 17 seconds after launch as a safety feature. As far as replacing/recharging the battery goes, it would require removing the Stinger from it's launch tube. That's a pretty difficult & complicated task because you would run the risk of not being able to get the missle back into the tube properly or damaging the seeker head thus making the missle unusable. I seriously doubt that anyone in a Third-World country has the same skill as a Technician from General Dynamics when it comes to working on a Stinger...
Quote    Reply    RE:Stinger Missles Leftover From USSR/Afghanistan War   9/16/2002 1:27:22 PM
what third world people these people have studied at the best schools in the world using bin ladens money fixing up a battery should be no problem just wait till they bring down marine1 the whitehous is worried enough to place a 40 block heavy truck ban around it so a stringer cant be launched as easy
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SecretAsianMan    RE:Stinger Missles Leftover From USSR/Afghanistan War   11/22/2002 4:05:35 PM
The battery in the tube cannot be recharged without damaging the seeker head. The battery in the BCU could have an indefinite shelf-life (for reasons of national security, I will not even explain why), but the the question is the liquid argon. Go out to your garage and find a can of spraypaint that's been sitting on the shelf for a couple years. It's probably pretty flat and won't spray any paint. Same concept. And I wouldn't think of trying to recharge that in a BCU unless you don't mind losing your arm when you try and launch the thing. The Queda are better off smashing the Stinger open and getting the the explosives inside for use in pipe bombs. The BCU is good for cooking rations.
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