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Subject: Ukrainian Shootdown-not HOW but WHY?    10/28/2001 10:34:22 PM
I am not convinced that the Ukrainian shootdown of an airliner full of Israelis emigres visiting relatives was an "accident", and came so quite close to the date of the one of the most bloody periods of unrest for the Palestinian intifada on the West Bank! To be so implies that even rudimentary international safety protocols were either ignored or suppressed! The equipment and command heiarchies used by the USSR in the 1980's and early 1990's were designed to minimize a repeat of Korean Air 007 and other international close-calls.
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FalloutBoy    RE:Ukrainian Shootdown-not HOW but WHY?   10/29/2001 3:39:45 PM
It was an SA-5.....a missile that is inaccurate against supersonic aircraft but is accurate against high-flying slow bombers. An airliner is the perfect target. It was probably a combination of bad-timing and bad leadership in the Ukranian military
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kris    RE:Ukrainian Shootdown-not HOW but WHY?   6/29/2002 7:45:13 PM
I disageree, I am pretty sure it was an s-300 not a SA-5. But you may know more about it than me,I could be wrong.
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