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Subject: Being RHELS Laser goes on the Road
Softwar    4/3/2009 3:15:33 PM
Transportable High-Power Laser to Take On Air Targets Aviation Week & Space Technology Apr 06 , 2009 , p. 12 Boeing has demonstrated deployment of a containerized solid-state laser weapon system to reduce risk for the U.S. Army’s truck-mounted High Energy Laser Technology Demonstrator, planned for counter-rocket, artillery and mortar test firings in 2013-15. The company-funded Redeployable High-Energy Laser Systems (RHELS) packages a solid-state laser, thermal management, beam control and operator station in a 40-ft. cargo container. Boeing has demo’d the ability to transport the laser by semi-trailer and have it ready to fire within 8 hr. RHELS will be upgraded to a 10-kw.-class thin-disk laser by year-end for shots against air targets.
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