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Subject: new S-300 variant ?
murabit821    12/15/2007 8:31:09 AM
i heard about developing S-300 variant for Ground forces PVO , this variant will have only 9M96 missiles , and will be designed as autonomous system (radar , missiles on one vehicle) have anybody some info about this ?
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murabit821    i found some info    12/26/2007 9:38:53 PM
Development: Development of a mobile MSAM / MRADS / Vityaz began in the early 1990s with a series of successful system firings against various target types. It was unveiled in 1998 by Almaz concern and is roughly a counterpart of the European SAMPT. It is probable that the system is mainly aimed at the export market and is designed to complement the S-300 / S-400 missile family. MRADS. South Korea is developing a simplified version of the Vityaz called Cheolmae-2 with the help of Almaz Central Design Bureau. The Cheolmae-2 will be comprised of an X-band multi-function radar vehicle built by Almaz , a command post vehicle and several transporter-erector-launchers for Koreanized 9M96 missiles. The prime contractor is Samsung Thales, a joint venture between Samsung Electronics and Thales of France. Description: A typical MSAM battery unit comprises a shelter-mounted fire-control system with integral radar that carries out target surveillance and tracking functions, three missile container-launcher platforms and a missile resupply vehicle. All three components are mounted on the same forward control (6 × 6) cross-country truck chassis. The basic missile load per battery is 48 weapons. Each truck-mounted launcher assembly has three layers of four ready-to-fire missiles in their cylindrical container-launchers which, when in the travelling configuration, are in the horizontal position. For cold launching the missiles to a height of about 30-m (where the weapon's main rocket motor sustainer ignites) they are swung into the vertical position at the rear of the vehicle. All of the component system vehicles use four hydraulically operated outriggers to stabilise themselves at the battery launch site. Each battery also has its own auxiliary power unit. The component vehicles use an inter-vehicle datalink to pass information back and forth with the fire-control system. Reload missiles in their container-launchers are loaded by means of a crane. The most intriguing characteristic of the MRADS / Vityaz is that it is a dual-missile system, whereby each of the standard containers can be replaced by a pack of four smaller and shorter weapons. Its main components are a truck-mounted vertical launcher and the phased array radar with fast-rotating antenna for improved performance. The first variant of the launcher carried twelve tubular containers, but a year later a revised design was presented with ten containers and the current version is down to eight. The larger missile for the system is probably the 9M96 originally designed for the S-400 system, while the smaller one has not been unveiled yet and might be either the Antey 9M100 or an adaptation of the design of another design bureau. This missile is intended for self-defence at a range of up to 15 km and features passive IR homing guidance. The 9M96 is a dual-role anti-missile and anti-aircraft missile The smaller 9M100 missile are designed for use against aircraft, UAVs and cruise missiles.
DTIG - Defense Threat Information Group 3 von 3
The 9M100 is a short-range, IR-guided missile that has been mentioned as both a SAM and an AAM. The 9M96E missile are ?hit-to-kill? designed for direct impact, and use canards and thrust vectoring to achieve extremely high G and angular rate capability. An inertial package is used with a datalink from the MFMTR X-band radar for midcourse guidance, with a radar homing seeker of an undisclosed type. The small 24kg blast fragmentation warhead is designed to produce a controlled fragment pattern, using multiple initiators to shape the detonation wave through the explosive. A smart radar fuse is used to control the warhead timing and pattern. It is in effect a steerable shaped charge. The launch box contains one of the following three missile load outs: &<048707; 10 9M96E &<048707; 32 9M100 &<048707; 5 9M96E and 10 9M100 According to Almaz, Vityaz could replace older SAMs like the S-125 while adding multiple-target and anti-missile capabilities. According to information released in 2003, the system can be delivered in two configurations: a version optimised for protecting against high-precision weapons (cruise missiles, ARMs, smart bombs and tactical UAVs) able to simultaneous engage up to eight targets, and a multi-role version, in the former configuration the battery consists of a radar and up to four launchers with 32 "small" missiles each, while in the latter the heart of the battery is a mobile command post linked to up to two radars and up to eight launchers. The KamAZ 8x8 trucks are used as carriers but any other truck with the load capacity of 10 tons may carry the launchers or the containerised radar station and command post. The roof-mounted MFMTR X-band phased array radar of the fire-control system can detect and track up to 40 targets simultaneously and engage eight of them typically using two missiles per target to ensure a high-kill probability. The MSAM is capable of engaging aircraft, helicopters, UAVs and tactical
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displacedjim       12/26/2007 10:43:59 PM
Very kewl system.  You guys shuld jump on that!  Roman, are you listening?  :-)
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murabit821       12/31/2007 6:46:25 PM
interest idea
today Slovakian goverment are more open to east
also we have very big russian dept , than we can buy that system from this dept
hm than how much can cost this system
estimate 14 mil usd = Tunguska , 29 mil usd = TOR
maybe 20-30 mil usd

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Roman       1/17/2008 9:39:23 AM
Jim, how about a deal on acquisition along the Iran-Syria lines with the Pantsyr. You can help us pay for the new systems and you get some transfered to you in return where you can dissect them to your heart's content. ;)
Yes, it is a nice system, but I think our existing S-300 variants are sufficient for the protection of our airspace.
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murabit821       1/18/2008 4:04:51 PM
caf Roman

that system what Slovakian defence force used is S-300 PS (S-300PMU) export variant
its just only one detachment/battery near Aleksince
one radar 36D6 , one target radar 30N6 , and possible one radar 5N66 for low flying targets(i am not sure i dont see this one )
four vehicles 5P85S (with electronics and four missiles  ) each with two 5P85D (with four missiles) 5P85D vehicles are connect with 5P85S vehicle via cable

missiles are 5V55K and 5V55R with 45 and 75km range

this system work with all vehicles together

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Roman       1/19/2008 6:34:38 PM
Hello murabit821,
Does each of the 5P85D blocks have four missiles or does each have only two missiles for a total of four missiles in two blocks?
I don't think we really need any more anti-aircraft missiles. There is no credible threat to our airspace and the current capability is at least decent, so I would advocate investment into new systems only if it would save us money or provided ancillary benefits. Perhaps some money could be saved by operating only one vehicle with an all-inclusive package rather than a whole slew of vehicles with different functions, but I doubt the savings would cover the extra cost over the lifetime of the system. Some additional benefits might be gained from studying the technology, but again it does not seem to be worth it for us.
Still, it is a nice system and if we already did not have sufficient air defence it would have fit us quite well.
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murabit821       1/20/2008 1:30:10 AM
caf Roman

battery in this version have
4x 5P85S vehicles with electronics in large block (taka velka krabica za kabinou) and four missile
8x 5P85D vehicles without electronic and with four missile
5P85D vehicle can not fire missile alone , need vehicle 5P85S

newer version S-300PM-1
have up to 12 vehicles 5P85SE (each with electronic , but electronic is smaller and vehicle dont have that big block/box

kukni na h*tp:// som doplnil tu stranku o vsetky s-300 varianty

for Slovakia i preffer more BRAMS systems , but this system now lack surveilance radar
one battery for each brigade
and one battalion of four batteries instead of current AD brigade (with S-300, and SA-6)
total 6x batteries

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Roman       1/20/2008 2:48:28 PM
Thanks for the info murabit821!
The two systems are not really competitive, however, as our indigenous BRAMS is a short range system.
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