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Subject: Arrow for Turkey?
Softwar    11/13/2007 9:25:15 AM Talks are under way between top officials from Israel and Turkey on the potential sale of the Israeli Arrow ballistic missile defense system to Turkey. Senior Israeli defense officials met with their counterparts in Ankara, Turkey, to discuss the possible sale of the missile defense system and a model of the Ofek spy satellite, the Jerusalem Post reported. Officials say the two systems are some of Israel's most advanced military technologies. Under heavy security, Israel President Shimon Peres arrived in Turkey's capital at the invitation of Turkish President Abdullah Gul for a three-day visit. "Turkey is an important player in the Middle East in relation to Syria, the United States and the Palestinians, as well as us," Peres said in a statement. Despite years of discussions regarding the systems, the sale of the Arrow and the Ofek will depend on approval from the United States, which finances more than 30 percent of the defense system's production. Defense Minister Ehud Barak is scheduled to visit Ankara in January to continue the negotiations.
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