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Subject: Could PAC-3's be carried on Super Hornets?
reefdiver    11/11/2007 12:34:47 AM
Some time back, the USAF announced F-15's would be configured to carry and launch the PAC-3 missile. Is there a specific reason the PAC-3 (around 700lbs) couldn't be launched from an F-18 Super Hornet? Is it too long (at 17ft), or is it just because only the USAF has expressed an interest in doing so? It would seem that by carrying PAC-3's on the F-18E/F, you could greatly extend your anti-missile (including cruise missile) defensive range for the carrier fleet. Additionally, if the above answer is positive, are there any reasons it wouldn't also be possible for an F-18 to launch the much longer range,2000lb PAC-2?
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