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Subject: SA-6s found in Iz with IR seeker guidance
macawman    8/21/2003 5:14:34 PM
I read in Cordesmen AAR on GWII that the Marines found SA-6 missiles with IR seeker guidance system. This upgrade of Soviet era SAM systems could bring such outdated systems to a current feasible threat level, if they work as designed. An SA-6 launched in a area of aircraft activity could reach its max altitude of 30,000+ ft and then spiral down searching for an IR signature without using its semi-active command guidance radar system. Friendly aircraft would not have a clue what hit them. (Could be the reason for our one F-15 loss in Northern Iz) If the SA-2 had this capability it would start its downward spiral IR search at about 70,000 ft. Optical predetermination siting as used by the NVA in N Vietnam could be used as a technique for direct IR target acquisition by SA-2s,3s,6s, and IR guided SA-8s.
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macawman    RE:SA-6s found in Iz with IR seeker guidance   8/21/2003 5:48:06 PM
Follow Up: The SA-6 passive electro/optical measures uses a television optical magnification image to ID and predict where the target will be, if the target aircraft does not maneuver or change course often. This lack of maneuver capability of the B-52 made it vunerable to the SA-2 over Hanoi.
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gandalf    RE:SA-6s found in Iz with IR seeker guidance   3/6/2004 12:04:19 AM
I would think that if the missile followed this "go high - look down" profile, every single AWACs and Aegis system operator in the area would have piss in their pants and tell all the pilots they're directing about it. It might work better with a supersonic cruise missile, which has longer loiter time and some speed.
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gf0012-aust    RE:SA-6s found in Iz with IR seeker guidance   3/6/2004 12:27:17 AM
I posted something about this about 2 months ago, there was an article in Proceedings about the "find" Theere was some concern then that although none appeared to have been fired "in anger" that an initial launchg would have caused some headaches as there did not appear to be an existing process to counter them. They would have momentarily spooked the AWACs. The main issue for Proceedings was that the Iraqis didn't have the capability to do the mods, and that some sympathetic major power had to build the hybrid. There was a pic in the article showing half a dozen packed into the back of a truck.
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