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Subject: which is better the ft2000 or the patrot misslies
operation12    8/10/2003 4:32:00 AM
what do u people think
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Worf_Israel    RE:which is better the ft2000 or the patrot misslies   8/18/2003 4:09:19 AM
none lol the partrot missiles was first made to take down plains but then it was found to be able to destroy misslies! - but still it wasnt good since most times the missiles would miss and even if they didn't the misslie would not hit the target it would blow next to it making large parts of the target fall on the people that are trying to bring it down. i think the best Anti Missile weapon or airplane is the Israeli Misslie called "ARROW" it is able to destroy nuclear missiles before they enter the atmosphere. and above that its one of the most technology Advance missile in the world!. Note: even so the "arrow" was made by the IDF - it was a joined US-Israel project, US did half of the payment for the development of the missile.
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Heorot    RE:which is better the ft2000 or the patrot misslies   8/18/2003 8:04:21 AM
Anything is better than Patriot. No confirmed missile kills but several friendly aircraft attacked including one British Tornado.
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Thomas    RE:which is better the ft2000 or the patrot misslies   8/19/2003 2:00:54 AM
I think it is one of the graver shortcomings of the west right now - the lack of a good SAM. Wether the poor performance of the Patriot is due to the missile or the organisation of the air defence is a moot point. The USA has never been great on air defence, as they have mainly operated over hostile territory. Before anybody mentions the bomber threat in the 1950-60'ies I should say that the US has never produced more inferior airplanes than the ones for the defence of their own airspace.
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