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Subject: US to place missiles in Europe
mustavaris    5/22/2006 10:26:14 AM
This is not the first time this is out in the news, but: What do you guys think about this? Personally I support strong EUropean defence and less dependance on US military, but the sad fact is that Europe is military midget and laggs behind US military in many important fields. We may have comparable state of the art projects and equipment, but they are not fielded in large scale and we are absolutely behind in some fields. So, I see it logical that USA offers those missiles to her allies, and it shouldn´t be a surprse that many nations are willing to accept the offer. I see this as a win-win situation for both, but in the long run it could contribute to the continuing trend of neglecting the essential military capabilities. More we count on US, more dependent we become and harder it will be to defend and maintain our military industries. But what are the consequenses? Does France et all start their own game and blame Czech/Poland because of their close ties to USA? Does this divide us, or can we act together? How independent this will be? All American crew or combination? Are Europeans going to get all the information that is relevant to the defence and is this going to be all European/US joint project or just another example of random decisions that make European military so lacking of cohesion. What about Russia? 10 interceptors have no meaning in strategic scale, but can they swallow their pride for these are probably going to be sent somewhere in their old satellites. I say bring them on if Europeans can lay their hands on those systems and learn something useful [not in the Chinese way]. Russians complain just as long as they think it´useful, and French should be made to understand that Paris is on the top when Iran [or any other] considers targetting Europe... But honestly speaking, I got no idea what the French may think about this, so please inform us.
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displacedjim    RE:US to place missiles in Europe   5/22/2006 12:07:28 PM
Here's what I think. 1) Screw Russia. If they don't like the idea of 10 ABMs in Poland or the Czech Republic, too bad for them. 2) "Putting them in Britain is out of the question because Britain supported us in OIF"? Then screw Britain, too, if that comes out as their official policy response to this idea. Let them build their own defenses, if any--because anything flying overhead that appears to be headed all the way to Britain shouldn't be intercepted and let the British whiners about Iraq deal with them. 3) Anything put in Europe should be paid 100% by Europe. I'm way past tired of defending them for them, when they can easily afford to defend themselves. Again, to the extent it's possible to predict the impact areas, any inbound RVs that appear to be headed toward a country not interested in paying for their defense shouldn't be intercepted. Displacedjim
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Yimmy    RE:US to place missiles in Europe   5/22/2006 12:22:34 PM
The things probably dont have a very high probability of interception anyway.
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