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Subject: Another Bradley Linebacker question
TriggaFingaz    3/9/2006 5:05:37 PM
I read from Spec Ops vol 36: Task Force Baghdad that 4/5 ADA, 1st Cav Div employs its M6 Bradley Linebackers and Avengers to secure the notorious 'airport road' that links BIAP and Baghdad. Since the post Saddam enemy has no aircraft, does that mean that these ADA assets now go to work with no Stingers in their racks, since they're only expected to rely on their 25mm cannon/M240C coax (M6)and .50 Cal (Avenger) against the terror forces?
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regulator4g    hey   7/4/2009 5:37:04 PM
I know it may a little late to answer your question, but there were no stingers in the stinger pods when we patrolled the roads in baghdad.  We did have one bradley with the tow missiles on top in each platoon.  There were 6 bradley platoons.  So 6 bradley's carrying tow missiles.  If there are any more questions-reply.  I have a lot of stories about the good ol bradley linebacker.
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