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Subject: M6 Bradley Linbacker question
TriggaFingaz    1/22/2006 5:59:36 AM
How many infantry or dismounts are carried in the M6 Bradley ADA variant apart from the three man crew? Two, just like the M3A-2 CFV or six? Are the dismounts simply there to load the quad Stinger rack and fire those missiles from hand held launchers if necessary?
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M@Raud3r!4    M6 Bradley Linebacker Crew.   1/29/2010 3:48:10 PM


                The M6 Bradley ?Linebacker? had a crew of 4. This consisted of the driver, gunner, Bradley Commander and loader. M6 Linebackers often ran with only three man crews and in Iraq the 4-5 ADA ran often with only 2 man crews the commander pulling the duty of the gunner and commander. Also the stinger racks for Linebackers associated with the 1st Cavalry (4-5 ADA) removed their stinger racks in the back in favor of carrying more ammunition and also removed their FBCB2 or ?blue Force trackers? to allow easier access to the co-axle machine gun.

                Rugged and fast these vehicles performed admirably during OIF II and the crews of these vehicles definitely made a significant impact in the war on the ground. It is sad to see these vehicles converted for the Engineers and removed from service as ADA Platforms. The damage the Air Defense Bradley(s) sustained during OIF II easily match the stories of World War II Grumman Aircraft as do the heroic stories of the crews that manned them.
William L Peterson
Callsign: Marauder 14
Linebacker Commander and Section Sergeant 2002-2005.
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