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Subject: AHEAD round vs 3P
rudel    6/16/2005 11:43:51 AM
Which round is better of the 2, 35 mm Ahead which is timed to set of 152 tungsten balls or 40mm 3P, which i dont know much about?
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fitz    RE:AHEAD round vs 3P   8/30/2005 12:32:14 AM
3P is a programmable proximity fuse. I personally think AHEAD is fine for AA work but think it has disadvantages in the air-to-ground role compared to 3P. AHEAD for example always airbursts and is directional - the fragments and thrown in a fairly tight cone forward. 3P can be set to airburst, burst on impact or for delay (to explode inside a building, light armoured vehicle, etc.) with a traditional radial fragmentation pattern. I think this makes 3P for flexible for AA and air to ground use. AHEAD is the new sexy thing though and tends to get more attention.
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