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Subject: Help in Air Defense
Covaysh    11/30/2004 3:09:57 PM
I have a question... which i'm sure you might have seen me in other threads, right now i am trying to, with your help, develop the most powerfulest army ever created... it doesn't matter to me what country created the technology, i just want your OK's, in what you think so far. Since you guys are probably the Air Defense Suaves, i was wondering if you can help me in developing my Air Defense. Here is my current Ground/Air army. ARMOURED FIGHTING VEHICLES Light vehicle (jeep-type)-Hummer Infantry Fighting Vehicle-BMP-3 (modified) Wheeled IFV-BTR-90 Main Battle Tank-Challenger 2E/Merkava IV ARTILLERY Mortars-British 84mm Self Propelled Howitzer- AS-90 Heavy Self Propelled Howitzer- 2S-7 Multiple Launch Rocket System- BM-30 ANTI AIRCRAFT ARTILLERY/ SURFACE TO AIR MISSILES Mobile Gun System- Tunguska Low Altitude SAM- Tor-M1 Medium/Heavy SAM- S-300PMU/V Heavy SAM- S-400 ROTARY WING AIRCRAFT Standard Battlefield Transport/also Anti Submarine Warfare variant- NH-90 "Special" Transport- V-22 Heavy Transport- Mi-26 Attack Helicopter- Ka-52 Scout- Comanche/Tigre/Kiowa. FIXED WING AIRCRAFT FLEET Tactical transport- An-70 Strategic Transport- An-124 Tanker- KC-10 Airborne Warning and Control System- E-3 Air Force/Army tactical co-ordination aircraft - E-8 Electronic Intelligence aircraft- RC-135 ASW- Updated, new build Tu-142. If not, Nimrod or P-3 Close Air Support- New build A-10s Vertical Take off and Landing CAS- F-35 Fighter/Interceptor/Fighter-Bomber/Interdictor- F-22 Stealth Bomber- B-2 Heavy Strategic Bomber- Tu-160 What do you think? I am getting help with the navy in the Submarines Forum. Although if you wish you can help argue with the best navy as well. still what do you think of that? anything to add? What systems should i be using? Thank you to all that reply. :)
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Galderio    RE:Help in Air Defense   12/1/2004 6:48:36 AM
1-Tunguska has a very limited night capability I think the canadian ADATS is much better. The Pantsyr-S1 is also very good if you need cannons. 2-You could include a Short range portable missile, maybe a combination of starstreak and latests stingers or SA-18. 3-I prefer the Leclerc as mbt. And Ka-60 as assault helicopter. since the Nh-90 is bigger and to much expensive. 4-Americans submarines are good but they have only a few low speed tomahawk and harpoon missiles. Oscar subs have much superior anti-ship capabilities. 5- And as amti-ship misile I would chose the russian Bhamos.
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Galderio    RE:Help in Air Defense   12/1/2004 7:07:49 AM
Medium range SAM SA-17.
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Covaysh    RE:Help in Air Defense   12/1/2004 10:35:13 AM
no need to worry about money.... but thanks for your input.
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