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Subject: Most capable SAM at the moment
red star    5/25/2003 5:50:56 PM
I would bet my money on the S-300. Seeing that russia concentrated so much on SAMs and this is their best on-i do genuinly agre that even Patriot can't bat this sweety. But thats just my humble opinion. Wots urs?
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Final Historian    RE:Most capable SAM at the moment   5/25/2003 6:47:06 PM
I think that would be a safe bet. Russia knows it can't achieve air superiority over its too most likely foes(China or US), so having a strong Air Defense system makes sense. In some ways it is far easier to operate a SAM battery than a fighter wing. Also, it fits with Russia strategy better, which doesn't require Russia to project force around the world. The US never needed a top of the line SAM like Russia did, so it never spent the money trying to make something like the S-300. The Patriot is the closest competitor on the US side, but it isn't a counterpart weapon.
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red star    RE:Most capable SAM at the moment   5/25/2003 6:54:57 PM
Another good call by FH. Check out the indian military website.
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megaton    RE:RIM-156 Standard Block IV - ERAM   5/27/2003 6:38:47 AM
The RIM-156 remains quite a secretive SAM system..there's only 200 of them. Coupled with the AEGIS it's the best long-range air-defense system in the world. Its successor, the ERAM will have an active guidance system for ultra-long-range and cruise missile shootdown capability...
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Brock    RE:RIM-156 Standard Block IV - ERAM   7/2/2003 11:20:01 AM
I do not know where your information came, but unless all the most respectable defence infromation services are wrong the SM-2 Block IV has been cancelled due to cost overuns.
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Soviet Spetsnaz    RE:RIM-156 Standard Block IV - ERAM   7/7/2003 8:04:09 PM
The S-400 is the most potent SAM sytem right now. Capable of downing stealh aircrafts withing 400km's range.
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megaton    For Brock:Standard Block IV-Standard Block IVA-ERAM   8/14/2003 10:11:52 AM
brock.It's true the standard block IVA for terminal missile defense was cancelled but the block IV version is in service..though there are not many rounds in the Navy (200).The range of the Standard Missile Block IV (RIM-156)is classified but should be between 150 to 240 km.The ERAM, which in fact will combine, the Standard Block IV frame with the AMRAAM seeker will have an even longer will be operational in 2010.Bye
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WinsettZ    RE:For Brock:Standard Block IV-Standard Block IVA-ERAM   8/14/2003 10:16:00 AM
Most capable SAM at the moment: As long as it ain't American. But if it's a AAM, another story.
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MuN    RE:Most capable SAM at the moment   1/21/2004 3:44:41 PM
I agree. THe S-300 is the best there is, and it is worrying that the Russians are selling them to almost everyone that can affort it!
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JJFS    RE:Most capable SAM at the moment   1/22/2004 12:05:47 AM
Russia couldn't achieve air superiority over China, lol? Quality is more important than quantity. Even if the Russians couldn't get more than five hundred Su-27s and Mig 29s available, they would still destroy the Chinese air force. Not to mention production. Even if the Chinese could somehow build Su-30s at a comparable rate to the Russians, they couldn't build any Mig 1.42s.
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gf0012-aus    Mig 1.42s.   2/2/2004 4:26:38 PM
[they couldn't build any Mig 1.42s.] neither could the russians, its a dead project killed by the russian govt when it blessed Sukhoi with immediate future development for fighter aircraft. Its too expensive for the russian govt to continue to develop - even if they were able to get financial assistance from China and India. Which creates another problem - conflict of customer interest. Its a non starter.
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