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Subject: air defense
griffin1842HOTMAIL.COM    5/12/2001 8:19:32 PM
is there any man portable air denfense missles that CAN BE USED AGAINST GROUND TAGETS
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gesig228    RE:air defense   6/24/2002 2:25:03 AM
The british Blowpipe, Javelin, and Starstreak are said to have some ground target role, as is the RBS 70. I don't know how easy they are to use that way, the Blowpipe might be difficult to hit with, though Javelin would probably be better, and the starstreak and RBS 70, being laser beam riders should be fairly easy. Any would probably take an APC, RBS70 and Starstreak could probably have some chance of damaging older tanks or most IFVs at least from the sides or rear.
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