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Subject: Peace In Our Time
SYSOP    6/15/2021 5:20:11 AM
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Johnny       6/15/2021 12:19:03 PM
In the 1930s Germany became a fascist dictatorship, not a socialist one.
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Fanatic       6/15/2021 2:02:07 PM
Nazis were exactly as socialist as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a democratic republic.
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violentnuke       6/16/2021 12:56:20 AM
From free health care to using art as a means to war, Germany was indeed a socialist, if not communistoid state. The fascist stuff of making art out of war was window dressing for domestic consumption. Mussolini did the same with the Italians, portraying himself as a "Roman" of old for domestic consumption, while in fact privately he was fully aligned with the way of Lenin.
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trenchsol       6/16/2021 6:08:04 AM
Benito Mussolini was a prominent member of Italian Socialist Party before founding National Fascist Party. According to his own words, he has copied Socialist Party program, throwing out international and adding national and nationalist elements. That is how Fascists Party program came to be. Initially, fascist parties were set to protect common people from greedy employers. It was socialism with national elements rather than what regular socialists wanted, to erase nations, just like they today do.
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trenchsol       6/16/2021 6:35:57 AM
I'd say that China today was considerably more powerful than Nazi Germany was. Nazi Germany was nearly broke when they started WWII. I don't know what Chinese cash reserves are, but probably much more than Nazi's had. German forces were outnumbered by adversaries in almost every element when the war started. Some of their military technology was more advanced. Their initial success is result of innovations in strategy, superior training and tactics, and shortcomings of their adversaries. Probably luck has played some role, too. I'd say that it was a rather crazy gamble that worked. China has more manpower than any nations in the world. They appear to have enough military hardware. The combat effectiveness of their military technology is a great question to which nobody knows definite answer. Almost none of it has any combat record. There is one thing I found to be disturbing. During war with Soviet Union, they almost got nuked by Soviets. Chinese nuclear arsenal was small. Yet they continued to fight the war, preparing their population and cities to face nuclear strikes. Like "Let them do it, there is too many of us, anyway".
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Johnny       6/16/2021 11:49:04 AM
@violentnuke No way Nazi Germany was socialist and even less communist. Just look at the Nazi economic program. The Nazis transferred public services and firms (steel, mining, banking, shipyards, railways etc) to private ownership. Privatization is not very socialist or communist. AH kept a portrait of Henry Ford on his desk for years. Henry Ford sent AH cheques for his birthday. American business poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the Nazi economy. Do you really think banker Prescott Bush (yes, that Bush family) would finance a socialist economy? The very first people the Nazis put in camps were socialists and communists.
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trenchsol       6/16/2021 4:38:58 PM
The full name of Nazi party was: National Socialist German Workers Party As for the program, today's Socialists and Liberal Left are regularly and happily licking a** of the largest corporations. That doesn't mean a anything any more. They are supporting LGBT these days. Workers and their rights went out of fashion these days.
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PF       6/18/2021 3:19:26 PM
Hitler's Socialism | Destroying the Denialist Counter Arguments
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PF       6/18/2021 3:41:32 PM
Johnny, The most vicious wars have been fought between groups that have minor differences, such as Catholics and Protestants. Your logical argument would conclude that they were not both Christians. That is a fallacy. Henry Ford was anti Semitic, and as a Capitalist, he saw he could make money in Germany. Your argument is based on that a capitalist system would not do business with a non-capitalist system. We, shockingly, did business with the Soviet Union, and Lenin is said to have said that the capitalist with loan us the money to buy the rope we will hang them with. Hitler believed Jew were running the capitalist systems and also the communist ones too. (Since Marx was a Jew, Marxism is corrupted at the roots.) You also fail to recognize the difference between international socialism and national(German Race) socialism. You are grossly erroneous about the German economy. They certainly did not limit government intervention into the economy or promote private control. The Nazis put reliable members into the workplace to report and control companies. They were anti Union just like the Soviets were anti Union.
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Toryu88       6/22/2021 8:44:20 AM
Johnny, no, Germany was socialist. Nazi stands for National Socialist German Workers party. or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte.
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