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Subject: Expansionism: Has China earned the right?
HeavyD    7/2/2012 11:26:01 AM
I find it humorous that people are concerned about China's increasingly 'aggressive' stance in asserting territorial claims. Has everyone forgotten about the 'Golden Rule'? He who has the GOld makes the Rules? China is well on it's way to being the world's #1 economy. They are the only major economy right now that is NOT drowning in debt. They are the most populous country. THE ENTIRE WORLD needs them to continue to be successful and to grow it's consumption base. So who are we then to begrudge them a few uninhabited islands. off Phillipines, what have you done for our economy lately? And for the worry-warts who fear their growing military prowess...look at the numbers. They are decades away from any real ability to project power outside of near-territorial waters. And would I really give a if the invaded viet nam, Laos or cambodia? No. Will they ever 'invade' japan or South Korea? To what end? CHINA NEEDS RESOURCES, not more people to subjugate. That's why they nabbed Tibet. CHINA IS A 800 lb GORILLA. THey have earned the right to flex their muscles all they want in their neighborhood.
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