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Subject: Wen Jiabao a better president for the U.S.A
laoda    3/4/2012 8:28:46 PM
I remember an american author of a book which title i forget suggests to let people all over the world to vote in the american election. perhaps the author think , if that happen , it will guaranttee a good president with moral and wisdom in a fair and transparent election. it is good for american and the world. but I think the foreigner should be allowed to be a candidate for the president too. it is even better . it is always good and easy to find a better president outside of and better for the american. if if if that happen, Wem Jiabao from china should be a good one. he is a good friend for american workers and created job for them. what the american poeple need now? JOB. but if the author means the american president is the president of the world , that should be stupid plus arogant.
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