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Subject: which government is good?
laoda    2/26/2012 5:53:55 PM
rebuild of the Wenchuan earthquake areas in 2008 have been completed with 20billion yuan aid money from the government and people all over the country left unused. the whole area destroyed by the quake become a modern cities a garden like rural village. all the people have beautiful house to live and work to do and kids have better school to attend.........all enjoyed better life than before the quake and are happy. what the american government did in Bush jr administration in the New Orliean flood ? are the people happy there? if you think about the damage done there in china by the quake, the rebuild job is just a miracle. for those always accusing the chinese government killing own people need to think and compare the two governments. which government is better?
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GeorgeSPatton    kumquat   2/27/2012 12:53:10 PM
Ummm, the one that doesn't kill their own citizens for gathering in the streets asking for change?
Check the difference between how the ChiComs handled the Tianamen Square incident compared to how the US Govt dealt with those Wall Street pinheads, then come back at me with which government is better.
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Barton       2/27/2012 2:17:57 PM
Also please laoda look into how the Chinese govt. did NOT jail many of the people that built public schools that collapsed due to faulty and/or cheap construction materials. Party officials swept that and death of school children in collapsed schools under the carpet.
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laoda    same thing   2/27/2012 5:40:06 PM
tianan men square incident and the Kent State university anti-Viet Nam war demonstration are the same nature and same ending; Wu kan village , Guandong, farmers demonstration and the occupy wall street movement are the same nature and not same ending, the wall street occupy guys are cleared  and some are arrested, and the chinese villagers got their demand satisfied and the corrupt official punished and the farmer leader are promoted to party secretary.
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laoda    not a big thing    2/27/2012 5:49:49 PM
that thing happen in china and I hate those bad guys and happy to see some of those corrupt official punished or executed  and in fact the chinese government has been cracking down on those badies.
I do feel the pain of those parents whose children are killed and .....
I also feel the pain that  lot Iraq kids are killed  by american troops and the whole country are destroyed.
those  bad things done by those badies  in china  are not government policy but the things happened in Iraq  were caused by american government policy to invade that country.
remember" no weapon of mass destruction found. "
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DC    The Butchers Bill   2/27/2012 7:26:47 PM

If you believe the Black Book of Communism, the Communist Chinese have killed 65 million of there own people. I'm sure you can't get the book past the censors but you should give it a read before you comment.



Comparing Tiananmen Square where 2500 people where killed over several days to Kent State where four people were killed in a 13 second time frame is plain stupid. It shows your complete and utter stupidity.



Regarding Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans was not the only area impacted) the estimate is 33 Billion US Dollars spent in recovery efforts.



Keep it up hamburger, it just reminds everyone why China is the enemy. 
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Barton       2/27/2012 7:58:39 PM
"not a big thing" that proves you are just a troll and a non-thinking poster
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onenil       2/28/2012 10:49:26 AM
laoda:  $1.50
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Barton       2/28/2012 11:35:30 AM

laoda:  $1.50
Yep paid to post. A human robot.
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laoda    which is efficient?   2/28/2012 9:07:00 PM
I read the book you recomended a couple of years ago and tossed the number for many times and do not believe it .
the number of 65,000,000 chinese killed by its government is not tenable.
first the number is not true then most the pople killed were not killed by the government. 
I estimate  20,000,000 death caused by the famine in 1960s and couple of hundreds thousand death in the antirightist movement in 1950s  and several hundreds thousands death in the culture revolution.
most of the death caused by the government wrong economic policies which causec the great famine.
those victimes in the antirightist movement and culture revolution were caused by Mao's mistake or  government.
but after Mao's death , the new government have openly criticized the Mao's policy and started reform.
the name or fame or financial loss of those people persecuted or dead have been reinstituted or compensated.
the Mao's  peasantry government was not good to manage the economy and the great leap forward  brought desaster to the country and hence the famine.even Mao did not want to kill those people and he planed to catch up with the  U.S and U.K and  let the poeple be better off but his policy , the greatleap forward  did not work and caused that death. 
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laoda    which is efficient?   2/28/2012 9:18:08 PM
the tian an men square incident and the kent state campus killing  are of the same nature i.e. the state machine kill its own poeple.
the only difference  is, the U.S government killed less and used  split second and  killing is too much.
how about american government killing of Iraqies?
is it not a crime to kill other country's poeple?
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