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Subject: Chian vs. India Military Match-Ups
johnboy    8/23/2010 5:22:55 AM
You folks might remember I started a series inspired by the old Taiwan vs. China Military Match-Ups site, comparing Indian and Pakistani gear? I've started a new series comparing China vs. India, which is a popular enough topic for armchair generals. The idea was not and is not to state how each side would do in a conflict on land, sea or air, because that would necessarily require factoring in training, leadership, numbers and also the terms of the conflict. I simply take equipment/platforms from a particular category, lay them side by side, and ask which is the better bit of gear.
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johnboy       8/23/2010 5:29:48 AM
This is the starter for the new series:

I'll be back as I come up with new installments. Pardon the second tread by the same name - I was fouled up by a runtime error and wound up making a double-posting. Sorry for the mix-up.
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johnboy       8/31/2010 5:17:44 AM
The new installment in the series:
This is where India's endemic delays in starting Scorpene production and their lack of indigenous alternatives hurts them.

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johnboy       9/22/2010 4:53:02 AM
The next installment in the series:
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Nanheyangrouchuan       9/22/2010 6:30:16 PM
I'd say except for the list of allies, China outclasses India and actually has the will to fight offensively.
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johnboy       10/14/2010 4:22:44 AM
China outclasses India in many respects, at least in terms of equipment. The "will to fight offensively" is an interesting comment, though, given that China hasn't fought a war since the 1970s and was given a bloody nose, while India has fought repeated wars against Pakistan. Nationalist hysteria is not the same thing as "will to fight," which is more about the will to stay in the fight.
 Anyway, those are issues far beyond what I am doing. These articles are not meant to depict what might happen in an actual conflict. Such a projection would first of all need a scenario, and then would need to take into account numbers, training, doctrine, internal politics and the support of allies. Given how enormously complicated (and easy to pick apart) such scenarios are, I'm sticking to straight gear comparisons, which are more objective.
Speaking of which, here is another one:

I'd say except for the list of allies, China outclasses India and actually has the will to fight offensively.

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johnboy       10/25/2010 4:37:44 AM
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johnboy       11/22/2010 6:00:15 AM
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johnboy       12/8/2010 4:31:21 AM
Do you like tanks? Everyone likes tanks.
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johnboy       12/31/2010 11:41:26 AM
This one went through a lot of stupid crap to get published - time to find a new format.
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cwDeici       12/31/2010 9:26:27 PM
Great initiative.
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