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Subject: Obama approved Taiwan Military Sale
YelliChink    1/30/2010 3:55:34 AM
114 PAC3 and some system upgrade. 60 Blackhawk helicopters to replace UH-1H and some rescue heli. 2 Osprey class minesweepers. (Which USN will regret). Some other comm goodies. It could be that Obama admin FINALLY realized that commies can't be talked into cooperation. It also means that there will be no cooperation from commies on Iran and probably other area.
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usajoe1       1/30/2010 4:18:01 AM

Finally one decision Obama made that I approve of. Well maybe two?  he did man up in Afghanistan. 

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Nanheyangrouchuan       1/30/2010 4:03:23 PM
China gave Obama the excuse to sell to Taiwan with its attacks on Google and other corporate emails.
As did the Taliban.  You could say that Obama's hard hand is coming around as his soft hand was slapped away, but it is important that he gave them something to slap away.
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FJV    Continuation of policy   1/30/2010 5:00:58 PM
Sell Taiwan just enough weapons to deter China from invading, but not enough to declare complete independence from China.
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Berova       2/2/2010 4:10:39 AM
I find this game of chicken fascinating to watch.  The media hasn't focused too much attention to it, but China appears to be very serious, ready to launch opening salvos of an economic war on the US (US companies involved in the Taiwan military sales).  Will it come to that or are they betting such brinksmanship will cause the US Administration to back down?  How will Obama-Clinton respond?  Will the US cave to placate China which is essentially drawing a line-in-the-sand?  The ultimate question it may come down to is... is Taiwan still as important to the US as it is to China?
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Berova       2/2/2010 4:20:55 AM
Of course, I meant to say 'impose sanctions on US businesses involved with the Taiwan military sales'.
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Nanheyangrouchuan       2/19/2010 2:40:13 PM
Taiwan is a distraction, China has >20,000 troops on the Anaruchal Pradesh border in the past 6 months.  The Indians I've talked to are predicting action in early 2012.
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Thomas    Economic war with China? You must be joking?   3/14/2010 2:05:20 PM
China is not going to wage economic war on the US.
It is bad  business to bump off people, that owes you money. How will you collect???
No the problem is, what happens when the Chinese economy go bust?
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