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Subject: ROCN interested at 8 used OHP
YelliChink    1/27/2010 3:23:42 AM
Taiwan plans to buy US frigates despite China thaw (AFP) – Jan 10, 2010 TAIPEI — Taiwan plans to buy eight second-hand Perry-class frigates from the United States despite improved ties with once-bitter foe China, a local newspaper reported Monday. The island hopes to arm them with a version of the advanced Aegis Combat System, which uses computers and radar to take out multiple targets, as well as sophisticated missile launch technology, the Taipei-based China Times said. The defence ministry said in a reaction to the report that ageing frigates now serving the navy needed to be phased out, but that it had not yet decided on the type of vessels that would replace them. ============================================================== The question would be, whether Mk.13 launchers can be put back, and SQS-19 could be transfered. If so, we might want additional eight SQS-19. As for ACS, I think that's another thing ROCN has been politely asking for quite long time.
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