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Subject: Al Qaeda declare war against China
YelliChink    10/8/2009 11:16:59 AM (CNN) -- A high-ranking al Qaeda leader has called on China's minority Uyghurs to prepare for a holy war against the Chinese government. "There is no way for salvation and to lift this oppression and tyranny unless you ... seriously prepare for jihad in the name of God and carry your weapons against the ruthless brutal invader thugs," Abu Yahia Al-Libi said Wednesday in a video on an Islamist Web site. He delivered his message in Arabic. ===================================================================== I don't know what kind of trick those turban head 6th century throw backs are playing. Jihad against communist China? They must be out of their minds. Commies have no problem pulling out genocide as a mean to solve the problem, and the last thing they want is PLA soldiers send to Hindu Kush area by tens of thousands back by another tens of thousand of PAP. They aren't nice people like Americans and Europeans, and they'd better aware of that. Nonetheless, that might be a diversion tactics from Al Qaeda. Who are they going to declare war with next?
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Nanheyangrouchuan       10/8/2009 4:36:41 PM
We can trade AQ Afganistan and Pakistan for China, otherwise they'll be caught in a vice.  I guess Tibetan resistance is getting training from AQ as well.
China has alot more to lose now, oil/gas pipelines, oil wells, mines, bing guan farms and simply holding up banks.  These are all easy targets to knock over with a few rockets, look at how much damage a few untrained Uyghurs typically cause with a rigged delivery truck.
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