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Subject: River Crab and Song of Grass Mud Horse
YelliChink    3/18/2009 3:33:56 AM
A recent surge of search on youtube for "River Crab" and "Song of Grass Mud Horse" has led to another wave of block actions by the Great Fire Wall of China (GFWC). The reason? "River Crab" sounds like "He Xie" (Harmony) slogan that Hu Jintao is using. "Grass Mud Horse" sounds like FYM in most Northern Chinese dialects of Mandarin. Well, the popularity of the song only explains one thing, and that's why GFWC is now mobilizing again trying to fail the mission.
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YelliChink       3/18/2009 4:26:38 AM">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">
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YelliChink       3/18/2009 8:46:38 PM
Grass Mud Horse on NYT: >>
What it actually means, both literally and pun:
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Barca       3/19/2009 9:31:51 AM
Astute of the Chinese to realize Harmony = Censorship
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Nanheyangrouchuan       3/20/2009 1:04:27 AM
There are a couple of videos now and the chorus of kids voices makes it that much funnier, even when the songs get dirty and sexist with the horses and ge bi.
There was a Chinese blogger stating that the letter recently written by dozens of Chinese academics and activists calling for democracy be named "Wang" on the internet to burn out the GFW hardware.
Get your mom a grass mud horse at a Wal Mart near you!
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