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Subject: China will step up to the plate by end of this year to save the world
Necromancer    3/6/2009 4:21:44 AM
The dragon has begun shopping, and started stimulus plan. It has a $2trillion war chest in cash, and rising unemployment. It will be forced to shore up Obamas spending plans, buy bonds.
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Softwar    Or save their butts...   3/6/2009 11:02:57 AM
Nice though you make it sound... The PRC is only spending now (instead of doing so earlier) because of 20+ million unemployed roaming around Guangdong province.  People sort of get grumbly after a while without food and shelter.  So the only way for the warlords in Beijing to stay in power is to reach into the treasure chest and spend some pennies on domestic needs.
This - however - will have little effect outside of China.
Herc - you really shouldn't try to suck up to PLA HQ so much - I'm sure they can get along quite well without you in your pink cheerleader outfit screaming go big Red.
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