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Subject: Chinese lifeline to Taiwan
Nanheyangrouchuan    9/14/2008 1:26:36 PM
Taiwan Eyes Water From China for Kinmen Islands TAIPEI, Taiwan (OOSKAnews) T aiwan has developed a plan to import water from China for residents of its heavily defended Kinmen island group off the mainland, as growing water demand is fast outpacing the limited supply. Taiwan’s Water Resources Agency proposes to set up pipes linking China’s southeast Fujian province to the Taiwan-controlled Kin- men group. The water diplomacy also marks an improvement of relations between China and Taiwan following peace overtures by Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou recently. The island group has been a constant reminder of lingering hostili- ties between the two sides since they split in 1949. Construction of the pipeline, which would carry water from Fujian, would begin once the agency gets final approval from the country’s cabinet owing to the sensitive nature of the project. Once started, the project is expected to take about two years to complete. Water Resources Agency deputy director Wu Yue-hsi was quoted as saying in news reports that said the import plan aimed to lower the cost of supplies to Kinmen. Currently, the island group is dependent on water pumped under- ground and received from rainfall. But, water at several tiny reser- voirs is turning out to be insufficient to meet the demands of about 60,000 civilians and 5,000 servicemen on the island group. So far, whenever the island group has been hit by droughts, local authorities had to use a desalination plant on the island and ship water over from Taiwan. Shipping water from mainland Taiwan involves heavy costs, Page 12 S O U T H E R N & E A S T E R N A S I A 12 C O PYR I G H T © 2 0 0 8 OO SKA news , Inc . S E P T EM BE R 9 , 2 0 0 8 whereas now, if the import proposal goes through, water can be re- ceived from the Chinese mainland’s southeastern port of Xiamen, which is situated just kilometers away. Kinmen is separated from Taiwan by about 280 kilometers of the Taiwan Straits. News reports indicate that the island group receives annual precipi- tation of a little over 1,000 mm and rainfall remains concentrated in a five-month period, from mid-April to mid-September. East- ern Kinmen utilizes surface water, whereas western Kinmen uses groundwater. Taiwan’s government began constructing seawater desalination plants in the outlying islands, including Penghu and Kinmen, in 1995. President Ma had promoted the idea of building a bridge between Kinmen and Xiamen in Fujian, saying his administration is study- ing the bridge project and water supplies from Fujian, pending a new round of talks with Chinese authorities to be held before the end of the year
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RockyMTNClimber    Peaceful Communication between arguing family members is usually good...   9/17/2008 10:51:16 AM
I would love to see the Taiwanese export the western lifestyle peacemeal into mainland China. A bridge here, an internet blog there, travel between capitals, families reunited for holidays. The truth gets spread. Patience was practically invented in the orient and the drip, drip, drip of freedom's cry just might boil the despotic frogs slowly in their own juice.
Check Six
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