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Subject: Olympic Games Belie a Deadly Regime
Softwar    8/8/2008 1:31:56 PM pictures at: "" "" "" "" As we view the exciting Olympic coverage from Beijing, we should also take a moment to view images of another kind of sport taking place inside China — shooting refugees. Photos obtained from inside China show the People’s Armed Police rounding up Tibetan refugees trying to flee over the border out of occupied Tibet. One such photo shows a clearly wounded refugee being held by an AK-47-armed Chinese border guard. Another photo in the series shows a Tibetan refugee, hands tied behind his back, walking behind a refugee carrying a child on his back, as they are being escorted through deep snow by their armed captors. The photos, recently obtained from Chinese dissident sources, were passed on to me by the excellent U.K. journalist Jonathan Green. The pictures also include detailed close ups of a Chinese army base inside Tibet used as a prison camp for refugees who are routinely rounded up while trying to flee Chinese oppression. Of course, you will not see these images between the scripted playing fields in Beijing. You will not have to view disturbing scenes such as children arrested and beaten by the Chinese police. The oppression inside Tibet is only part of the global picture on the rise of China. On the other side of the globe a war is raging inside Sudan and the government in Khartoum is backed by China. The radical Muslims who run Sudan are waging a war of genocide against the inhabitants of Darfur. Those who have been reading my columns know that I have been writing of the tragedy in Sudan, and the Chinese support of the Khartoum government. China supplies a wide variety of weapons to Sudan in exchange for oil, from small arms to jet fighters. I have been writing about this ongoing human disaster since the mid-1990s — long before it was fashionable in Hollywood. It is this long history that led me to interact with some of the Senate staff on Capitol Hill, including the staff of Sen. John McCain. I know from personal experience that McCain is not only aware of the problem in Sudan, he and his family support active solutions. McCain and his wife have divested all funds going to companies doing business in Sudan. “I would hope” Americans would sell stocks and other investments tied to Sudan, stated McCain, “because I think that government obviously is one that has done virtually nothing to prevent the genocide that is taking place in Darfur.” I cannot say the same for the freshman Sen. Obama. In fact during the 1990s, I could not find a single source inside the African-American community who would stand against Sudan. This fact flies in the face of all logic because of the forced labor, rape, and slavery raging inside Sudan. Did I mention slavery? My interviews of Francis Bok, a Sudanese child sold into slavery who walked his way to freedom, are enough to make even the strongest men cry. Yet, where was Obama during this time? He was listening to speeches from the Rev. Wright declaring America the enemy and calling the U.S. "Amerikkka." Nice, but while Obama was meeting with radicals such as a convicted terrorist, half a world away, children were screaming for their dead parents as they were being sold into slavery. Clearly, he could not hear them crying over the gala lunches and wine parties held by his leftist radical buddies who love Beijing. Therein lies the real point — Sudan and Tibet could not exist if it were not for the brutal regime in Beijing. The same totalitarian state that the Olympic committee is praising for holding games with the motto “One World — One Dream” has imprisoned millions and silenced many voices forever. The kind of “One World” dreamt by the warlords inside China is the kind of world where children are sold into slavery and refugees are shot because they cannot live free in their homeland. The elite leftists here in the U.S. quietly support this kind of “One World” because it fits their social lifestyle. So while you are watching the games and listening to empty speeches filed with hot air, remember those less fortunate than you, the citizens of China and Sudan. Remember the wounded refugees and the slavery sponsored by the gamesters in Beijing. Remember those who have fallen because if you don’t, you and your family could be next.
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Thomas    1936   8/10/2008 9:52:20 PM
I have a feeling of deja vú: Berlin 1936. The prestige show, concentration camps at remote rural locations.
Was it 1982 there was Olympics in Moskow????
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