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Subject: PLA Enters Sikkim - Chased Back By Indian Troop - India Sends Re-enforcements
Softwar    6/19/2008 4:26:51 PM The finger area which came to limelight in the wake of Chinese claims over the 2.1 sq km of land in north Sikkim saw Chinese military interventions. People's Liberation Army (PLA) personnel entered up to a kilometre of Indian territory in the finger area of Sikkim. Indian forces chased them out fast. The Chinese ran back to their own camps. India has rushed security reinforcement and military backed with Air Force to counter any further Chinese aggression. The recent move of the PLA seems like an effort on the Chinese part to assert their claims over the area. Indian Government is playing the incidence down with a diplomatic smile. After sending heavy armored reinforcement it made the Indian Army spokesperson say “these transgressions were a routine affair” in which the PLA personnel violate India's perception of the 4,057-km long Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China. According to some sources, PLA has amassed heavy military presence across the Sikkim border. The PLA men reportedly entered the Finger Area on light armored vehicles. They surveyed the area and finally were chased back by the Indian Army personnel.
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