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Subject: US Ambassador to PRC Opposes F-16 Sale to Taiwan
Softwar    5/30/2008 8:39:48 AM Angry China The U.S. ambassador to China, Clark T. "Sandy" Randt, opposes Bush administration plans to sell advanced F-16 jets to Taiwan because of concerns that Beijing has grown "angry" over protests and harsh reaction around the world to China's Olympic torch relay. Mr. Randt, according to administration officials, informed President Bush recently that he opposes approval of the sale of F-16 C/D models to Taiwan because "China is now vulnerable and angry" because of the protests surrounding the Olympic torch relay in Europe and Asia. Mr. Randt has told the president that nothing should be done to hurt China's feelings before the Olympics, set to begin Aug. 8, and wants to wait until well after the Games, perhaps into the next administration before approving the warplane sale.
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displacedjim       5/30/2008 10:45:54 AM
A classic example of "going native."  It's too bad that the State Department always seems to think they're supposed to act as if they are the advocates for the rest of the world to America, instead of the other way around.  It's sort of the diplomatic corps version of the "Stockholm Syndrome."
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Nanheyangrouchuan       5/30/2008 12:18:10 PM
This guy is on the take, pure and simple.  It's long been time to purge State.
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YelliChink       5/30/2008 1:53:54 PM
Is the current US foreign policy is to sell us out?

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timon_phocas       5/30/2008 1:55:42 PM
The State Department has a departments (or "desks") staffed with people who understand the cultures and issues of every major country or region in the world. Their problem is that they just don't have an "America desk."
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Softwar    The State Department   5/30/2008 2:55:41 PM
They don't call it "Foggy Bottom" just because of its proximity to the Potomac river.
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YelliChink       6/12/2008 4:04:14 PM
arms sale will be approved before GWB leaves office? WTF!?

Top U.S. Officials Stalling Taiwan Arms Package

Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 12, 2008; Page A14

Top Bush administration officials are delaying a long-promised $11 billion arms package for Taiwan, raising the possibility that the issue will be left for the next president, according to sources inside and outside the administration.

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Nanheyangrouchuan       6/14/2008 2:00:34 AM
W is a gutless panda licker and you people support him.
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Claymore       6/17/2008 1:06:58 AM

W is a gutless panda licker and you people support him.
"Gutless" hmmkay. 

What would Gore, Kerry, or Obama have done? Nothing...

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Softwar       6/17/2008 8:50:52 AM

W is a gutless panda licker and you people support him.

As I have pointed out before there are two factions on the China issue:
1 - The Red Team (aka Panda Huggers).  This is the "engagement" (read "appeasement") crowd, backed by big bucks from mega-national corporations who want to sell anything to anyone - including weapons to the PRC.  They have quite a following in both political parties since they can swing big dollars.  They see the PRC as a big cash cow waiting to be exploited.
2 - The Blue team - This is the "containment" faction - a loose grouping of liberals and conservatives - ranging from national security wonks, humanitarian groups, labor rights groups and Chinese dissidents.  This group also spans both parties and as a rule they see the PRC as a threat to democracy and freedom.
GW is the the mega-corp corner - note his dad was ambassador to the PRC.  This is easy to see with Paulson at Treasury for example - ex-Goldman Sachs - with a heavy vetted interest in the PRC or as shown here - GW's ambassadork to Beijing.  Clinton was also in the mega-corp pocket big time - again Goldman Sachs, Motorola, Boeing, Loral, Bain Capital etc...
The two candidates are as follows - Obama - Red Team - his national security advisor is Tony "IsoldsatellitestoBeijing" Lake and McCain - Blue Team - who views China as a national security threat and makes no excuses for it.
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Nanheyangrouchuan       6/18/2008 8:27:20 AM
Obama has publicly called China "a competitor".  Has McCain?  And the same people that got Bush elected are lined up behind McCain.
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