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Subject: China/Russia Reportedly Ink Helicopter deal
Softwar    5/14/2008 9:38:18 AM According to a report in Vedomost/RIA, China and Russia have inked a deal where Beijing will produce MI-171 transport helicopters. The MI-171 is an improved version of the MI-8 HIP. The report also noted that China intended to market the new helicopters in competition against Russian chopper sales to export markets in Africa and South America.
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YelliChink       5/14/2008 10:31:51 AM
Just when you think Ruskies have learned something.......
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Wicked Chinchilla       5/14/2008 11:56:10 AM
That doesnt even make sense.  So the Russians, in letting the Chinese build RUSSIAN choppers, are now competing against....Russian choppers?  Where is the upside to this?
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Softwar       5/14/2008 12:52:17 PM
I suspect MIL gets some cash, makes parts for export and then sends the parts to the PRC for final assembly...  Until, of course, the Chinese copy the parts, cancel the deal and start vending on their own (e.g. J-11B clone of SU-27).
In short - fool me once shame on you ... fool me twice shame on me.
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