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Subject: New Deadly Virus in China
Softwar    5/2/2008 8:46:35 AM A deadly virus has spread rapidly in eastern China, killing at least 21 children and infecting nearly 3,000, Xinhua news agency said on Friday. Enterovirus 71 began spreading in Fuyang in the eastern province of Anhui in early March but authorities only reported it publicly on Sunday, saying there had been 789 cases. By Thursday, the number had risen to 2,946, Xinhua said. Enteroviruses are spread mostly through contact with infected blisters or faeces and can cause high fever, paralysis and swelling of the brain or its lining. There are no vaccines or antiviral agents available to treat or prevent the virus.
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Wicked Chinchilla       5/3/2008 11:34:32 PM
Well, unless they have a lot of unreported/unattributed deaths to this disease its mortality rate is less than Influenza, the normal kind.  Sucks that people died/dieing but if they are correct in how it spreads basic containment procedures will nip this in the bud.  

Of course, this is China we are talking about.  It probably came from the rural west and killed a few hundred people at least before being reported.  SARS anyone?  Now THAT  was one huge clusterfuck.
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