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Subject: PLAAF's possible future missile: Ramjet long range AAM?
YelliChink    1/26/2008 9:34:06 AM China hints at new air-launched missiles 25 January 2008 Article Tools Full Article for Subscribers Product Homepage Contact Our Sales Team Print This Page Email This To A Friend A series of images released via the Internet has revealed a number of new Chinese air-to-air missile (AAM) programmes; Jane's has identified three new strands in Chinese AAM development including enhanced versions of existing weapons and hitherto unknown designs. While very little information accompanies the images, they appear to confirm several anticipated trends in Chinese AAM technology, including advanced, agile dogfight weapons and extended-range ramjet propulsion systems.
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commie       1/26/2008 9:54:32 AM
They are PL-10 SRAAM, PL-12 MRAAM, PL-13 LRAAM.
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