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Subject: China Proposes to the US - Split the Pacific With Us
Softwar    8/17/2007 10:30:46 AM Division rejected The senior Air Force commander in the Pacific this week threw cold water on a Chinese military proposal to divide up the Pacific Ocean into U.S. and Chinese spheres of influence. Gen. Paul V. Hester was asked about China's recent plan to give the United States control of the eastern Pacific region, while China would control the western Pacific. "Our policy is not to cede space to anyone," Gen. Hester said in a telephone press conference from Hawaii. He said the United States "needs to be" in the western Pacific, "as opposed to running through a proxy, if you will, by ceding a certain part of territory and asking them to take care of it for us." The proposal was made to Adm. Tim Keating, the overall commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific, during a recent visit to China. Some pro-China officials in the U.S. government, including in the intelligence community, are said to favor the Chinese proposal. But defense officials say such appeasement would be a huge mistake since it would be tantamount to giving China complete hegemony in the western Pacific, a move that would severely undermine U.S. alliances in Asia and threaten the neutrality of vital sea lanes.
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Nanheyangrouchuan       8/17/2007 11:50:13 AM
China has let its long term foreign policy plans out of the bag.  I hope this news makes it to ASEAN, Tokyo, Seoul and Pyongyang.
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DynamicTraveler       8/17/2007 12:05:16 PM
Perhaps Tokyo intelligence has seen this proposal coming for a while.  Which is why they have ratched up their desire for the F-22.
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sci       8/17/2007 12:40:10 PM
This news is yet to be verified. you post the news twice that are all from bill gertz.
It seems to me the news is probably a fake one. The chinese officers not quite likely to say so, even they think so. And the initiative is against the current policy of peaceful rising. It may be a misinterpretation by US officers. I will see if further reports back up this report.
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Nanheyangrouchuan       8/17/2007 3:33:19 PM
Splitting the Pacific Ocean is the end result of China's "Green Island Chain" strategy anyway.  So it makes sense to try to make a peaceful split before resulting to military action.
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RaptorZ       8/18/2007 3:51:55 AM
SCI, verified where?  Here's an article I posted on August 4th  different source.....
Who is trying to be an imperialist, hegemon?

Keating: China proposed splitting the Pacific with the U.S., August 1, 2007

U.S. Pacific Command leader Adm. Tim Keating said last week that Chinese military leaders offered to carve up the Pacific into U.S. and Chinese spheres of influence, a notion the admiral rejected.
“Our Chinese guests said, ‘Here's what we'll do. You take care of the Eastern Pacific, we'll take care of the Western Pacific, and we'll just communicate with each other,’” Keating said military leaders in Beijing told him.

U.S. top military commander in the Pacific, Adm. Timothy Keating, left, is escorted by former Japanese Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma at the Defense Ministry in Tokyo. Junji Kurokawa/AP

Keating said he did not agree with the idea.
The comments reveal Chinese strategy for pressuring the United States into leaving the Western Pacific so Chinese forces can be the dominant power. The U.S. strategy for the Pacific is to support U.S. and allied interests, specifically as they relate to Japan.

Keating said the U.S. military is closely watching China’s military buildup and activities, including this year's provocative anti-satellite test.

Keating said the U.S. military doesn't worry about the People’s Liberation Army. “We're watching them, we're interested. They're watching us, they're interested in us. It makes sense.”

Keating said that Chinese leaders recently stressed concerns about Taiwan independence. The U.S. responded by stating its position that was “accepted” by the Chinese.

“We listened to their position. We kind of agreed to maintain this somewhat ambiguous position on our part, and they understand it. And that was okay,” Keating said.

Chinese military leaders were not eager to discuss the January anti-satellite weapon test, but Pacific Command officials raised the issue.

“And we noted that we didn't know that this was necessarily consonant with [a nation whose stated goal is] peaceful rise,” he said.

“So there is a difference between the way the People's Liberation Army and the Pacific Command view Chinese military development and Chinese military capabilities,” he said.

Keating said that when Chinese military leaders asked about building aircraft carriers, “we said to them, essentially, ‘knock yourselves out.’

“It ain't as easy as it looks,” Keating said. “It's very difficult technology to master. It's taken us a long time. It is an expensive, time consuming, sophisticated, dangerous undertaking. They acknowledged that and said we reserve the right to develop aircraft carriers if we so choose. They said to us there is no more prominent and visible signal of a nation's resolve and might than an aircraft carrier coming into a port.”

The four-star admiral said the United States wants peace and stability in the region as a key element of strategy. “But make no mistake — make no mistake — our fundamental goal is to defend our homeland. We're a military command; we're willing to fight and defend the United States of America. We're also willing to defeat any adversary with the temerity to challenge us and we are looking hard to do so in firm consort with our allies and our partners and our friends throughout the — our area of responsibility.”
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Zhang Fei       8/19/2007 2:00:02 PM
This proposal - that they'll share half of what we already have - is further evidence of unblinkered Chinese arrogance.
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Nanheyangrouchuan       8/19/2007 4:05:32 PM

This proposal - that they'll share half of what we already have - is further evidence of unblinkered Chinese arrogance.

"What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine.  What I give to you I do so because I am generous.  What I keep for myself I do so because I deserve it".
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Claymore       8/19/2007 5:21:07 PM
China has ambitions similar to imperial japan in terms of controlling the pacific and tis resources.
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gogoflorenzia       4/6/2014 7:57:23 PM
Let's see what contries have done after WWII. China has been the only country to expand its territory by force. Only it have invaded always RELATIVELY weak contries and peoples around him, and now it began to consider Japan ''weak'' and US ''not so strog as before''.     
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