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Subject: America needs an Erwin Rommel
Croaker8989    12/29/2004 1:10:17 AM
I think it would be great to have a general that knew what he was doing and became a face (in a good way) and would speak out agaisnt poor leadership.
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ShadowRyu    Who is Erwin Rommel???   12/29/2004 2:25:59 AM
Who is Erwin Rommel??
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BLUEMOON    RE:Who is Erwin Rommel???   12/29/2004 2:37:27 AM
America has better Generals than Rommel.Patton kicked his butt and Franks just got through winning 2 wars.Besides boast, what has a China done in the past 50 years ?.
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Croaker8989    franks vs rommel   12/29/2004 3:17:00 AM
Rommel was understaved, undersupplied, and out gunned yet he brought about a whole new wave of tatics. He also was a hero to germany gave it a face and pride. Franks on the other hand is in command of the best military force on the planet and he's won the war in Iraq but he's still fight the most important was agaisnt terrorism and going about it at a slow pace because of the lack of ground troops (to bad aircraft can't control land and house to house search) if the U.S. was serious about fighting terroism they would have the draft back already to put an end to the bs.
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Croaker8989    Chinese deeds   12/29/2004 3:19:06 AM
well not to much really rebuilt a shaddered nation and continued to grow at a good pace they may not have invaded anything but north korea and tiawan arn't safe forever.
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gf0012-aust    Rommel - Patton   12/29/2004 3:19:45 AM
"Patton kicked his butt" errr, no he didn't. Patton was really excited until he found out that Rommel was in Germany with an ear infection. You ought to know that Patton studied Rommel, and didn't become an advocate of armour until well into his career.
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Croaker8989    studing rommel   12/29/2004 3:28:59 AM
everyone studies rommel he was the best and he was a good man. Although i disagree with his infantry tactics i really agree with his armour and calvary tactics. He was even study closly by the allies and they used his tactics for much of the war.
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elcid    RE:Who is Erwin Rommel???   12/29/2004 7:23:10 AM
The General Yamaa of WWII Germany. A great captain respected even by his enemies.
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elcid    RE:Who is Erwin Rommel???   12/29/2004 7:30:45 AM
If we could go back 64 years we could say PLA kicked a US army away from the border of Industrial Manchuria, many offshore islands (including Hainan) in amphib ops, and annexed Tibet. Limited to 50 years, it took parts of India and Vietnam, defeated one Vietnamese invasion, and crushed a rebellion that was national in scope (though you only hear about the Beijing part). It also has significantly reformed and modernized its military forces, and built up base infrastructures over a vast area, from Pakistan to Burma to the South China Sea.
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BLUEMOON    RE:Patton sends his regards.   12/29/2004 7:31:08 AM
I love readign about how Rommel would have done better if he had more weapons and so on! The Germans had the worlds best military ( just ask the Sherman tank about the Panther or Tiger ), not to mention jets, V-1 rockets, V-2 rockets and on and on. Yet, those scruffy Americans and Russians defeated them.Do you know why Russia won on their side ? Lend lease and lots of American port calls..
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elcid    RE:Rommel - Patton   12/29/2004 7:33:48 AM
In The Patton Papers (a collection of letters, essays, and other things) there is an analysis arguing that a man plus a horse is LESS vulnerable charging a machine gun over open ground than a man alone is. Patton tried to advocate the horse cavalray until quite late.
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