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Subject: Lost in Afghanistan
SYSOP    12/2/2023 12:47:31 AM
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Too Old To Work       12/2/2023 10:09:13 AM
I think the original mistake was trying to make a nation out of Afghanistan. Clearly no matter who was the titular leader of the nation, they were all interested in stealing as much aid money as possible and feeding it back to their clan. In retrospect, bombing them into the stone age and just leaving would have been the best course of action.
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Fanatic       12/2/2023 11:32:16 PM
Thank God Biden made the hard choice and got the fuck out. What a never ending waste of treasure and lives.
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voland       12/3/2023 4:18:40 PM
the choice to leave was made by the Trump admin. it included an agreement with Taliban to facilitate gradual withdrawal of US troops, conditionally. Biden, instead of proceeding as planned, dropped everything and ran. ( We should have gotten out of there sooner, and we should not have been there in the first place.
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Fanatic       12/4/2023 6:07:43 AM
Thank God Biden made the hard choice to follow through and get the fuck out. What a never ending waste of treasure and lives. I have no idea if Trump would have done it- the man was full of empty promises and lies. "I will have a health care plan in 2 weeks" repeated every week for 4 years.
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Toryu88       12/7/2023 8:42:04 AM
Failure to win in Afghanistan was the Pentagon's fault. Fighting an enemy with no air force, no armor, and wearing sandals shows just how lame and ineffective our military forces really are. The Pentagon had high tech, trillions of dollars and carte blanc to send in troops and they couldn't beat a bunch of irregulars. That's pretty pathetic. Read the book, The Outpost and you'll see that the war was a complete replay of Vietnam. The Pentagon made all the exact same mistakes. Career ticket punching officers who couldn't find their own ass with both hands because of their egos. Troops put in impossible positions and not given the proper support. The book will make you want to cry with frustration. Twenty years, twenty fucking years and the end result was the same as Vietnam, the exact fucking same. Today the Pentagon is more interested in diversity and gender politics than it is war fighting. The only thing saving out ass is that other world militaries are even more fucked up. But we are on a slow decline and not amount of high tech or dollars will protect the nation. We have a big shortage of men capable of passing the physical standards for the military so they are recruiting women who are on average 40% less capable than men physically. Things do not bode well for the combat arms where combat capable men are accused of "toxic" masculinity.
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