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Subject: The Best Peace Money Can Buy
SYSOP    1/5/2013 5:29:01 AM
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Invictus    Real reasons for C-27A drop   1/9/2013 4:12:48 AM

If the reasons are corruption and lack of Afghans with the needed skill  why the Air Force blamed the aircraft Supplier  Alenia North America to not have performed well?

I think this can be highlighted as further masterpiece of the last Air Force  poor program management following Tanker, LAS, JCA,  always damaging  foreign companies from Allied Nations .

The amount spent is nearly $600M to be explained to the US Taxpayers.

The justifications provided by the Air Force are very far to be convincing.

This move can be only  understood considering  hidden reasons and I can image at least the following:

- Afghan Military Force buid up Failure

- Drastic downsizing of Afghan Military Forces

- Justification for additional large amount of money to be spent for  new planes.

Can anybody really believe that the C-130Hs or Js (even less credible) are easier  than C-27A to be inducted in the Afghan Air Force? Can the Afghan crews and maintainers with low level skill be trained for the new more complex planes   before US/ISAF  basic retreat from Afghanistan within 2014?

What is the real need for the Afghan Government  to have few heavier and longer range planes?

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