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Subject: Kapoeta
Ike    6/12/2002 10:34:26 AM
A hearty congratulation to the SPLA on their recent victory. A co-worker who was once in the SPLA has explained its strategic importance. Although Southern Sudan isnt much more than a minor sideshow in the big picture of the War on Terrorism. Similar to Ethiopias resistance against Italy compared to the bigger events unfolding in Europe at that time. Every little bit helps
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lorikopeter[a]    Congratulation, from Peter Loriko, in united state,   9/10/2002 11:43:34 AM
Well, iam one of the your brother in army with spla in the year 1994 in the party of Ethipon for one year. so congratulation for your took ovre kapoeta, we are much happy what are you doing now, I hope i will be hear from you to take the Juba town we are to support you, no way anles take our country, thanks much
Quote    Reply    Congratulation, from Peter Lmuali loriko, in unitd state.   9/10/2002 12:06:44 PM
Well,Iam here by telling you, congratulation for your took over Capoeta, I hope again from you take Juba out, now for peace we must take our country by any kinds of power, thanks very much.
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