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Subject: WHITE PEOPLE FLEE!!!!!!!!!
Ty    8/23/2001 11:05:26 AM
I predict within a year or two there will be a whole sale massacre of the white population in South Africa-the country is slipping back to murderous criminal tribal ways!I guess the white people can flee to Iceland(brrr),Russia(oh my!) ,I guess there isn't too many all white nations left-but get out and get out soon if you want to save your lives!
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Sipo    RE:WHITE PEOPLE FLEE!!!!!!!!!   8/23/2001 2:39:20 PM
Ty- I have to disagree with you, although there is a great deal of outward migration of the white population to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and when possible the US. The ones in the greatest danger are the farmers, and that is because Mbeki is showing signs of agreeing with Mugabis’ idea for land redistribution, thereby threatening their land and their lives.
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John    RE:WHITE PEOPLE FLEE!!!!!!!!!   8/24/2001 7:45:24 AM
Mugabe may be a total git, but in Zimbabwe many of those white-owned farms were created by kicking the blacks off land that they had been farming for decades. There is still quite of lot of white immigration in to South Africa, because there is a skill shortage. I can't really cry about unskilled Boers no longer being guaranteed jobs just because they are white.
Quote    Reply    RE:WHITE PEOPLE FLEE!!!!!!!!!   1/19/2002 10:28:55 AM
Hmm - flee? Interesting idea, but out of the question. I am afraid there are quite a lot of whites who, unlike the people in Zimbabwe, will fight if the kind of thing happens here that happened there. Remember, there is still private firearm ownership over here - one of the first things Mugabe did in Zimbabwe was to end private firearm ownership.
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Kimberly    RE:WHITE PEOPLE FLEE!!!!!!!!!   2/12/2002 4:13:40 AM
I am white, living in scotland and will be moving to south africa within 2 years.I need to know if my life will be at risk because im white, or is it only if your a bad white person bullying the blacks????
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Kimberly    RE:WHITE PEOPLE FLEE!!!!!!!!!   2/12/2002 4:15:17 AM
I am white, living in scotland and will be moving to south africa within 2 years.I need to know if my life will be at risk because im white, or is it only if your a bad white person bullying the blacks????
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Sipo    RE:WHITE PEOPLE FLEE!!!!!!!!!   2/12/2002 1:05:31 PM
Okay I am an American and I lived there for two years, as long as you don't do anything that is stupid like walking trough the bad neighborhoods, or going on a sight seeing tour of a township/former homelands alone or without someone from the area. You should be fine. I found most people that had eyes filled with hatred often changed their tune really quick when I opened my mouth and they heard an American accent. If I were you I would be far more worried with what Mebki is going to dream up next, getting your car jacked, being mugged, or PAGAD, then some random hate crime.
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Ward Kendall    Don't Flee - Read Hold Back This Day   8/14/2002 4:54:27 PM
Whites must stand and fight. Read "Hold Back This Day" to see why. Available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.
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hermann H reicher    RE:Don't Flee - Read Hold Back This Day   8/28/2002 3:01:33 PM
it is now a well known fact that most white south african's are moving to new zealand, and australia, not to america, knowing that america is fixing to enter into it's own "racial-nightmare
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maarten    RE:Don't Flee - Read Hold Back This Day   11/11/2003 7:56:21 AM
I was born and raised in South Africa and I saw the best and worst of Apartheid and Democracy. To anyone that thinks Apartheid was a free ride for White Afrikaans males...You are without a clue. White males were drafted into the Armed Forces. They had to pay taxes (and school fees). Am I saying apartheid was the right thing to do? No, never. What I am trying to say is that white afrikaans males worked very hard. They weren't promised any jobs. If you wanted a job, you had better be the best at what you do. Democracy is better, but not when it is run by a socialist govt. To anyone who thinks Mandela is such a clean character, think again. Who ordered the bombing of innocent women and children, like a cowardly terrorist? There is no difference between the morons in office and Al Queda. Anti-American, anti-white, andti-everything. You have not seen hatred till you've seen the pictures on the site listed below... I dare anyone to justify these crimes... Best Regards Maarten
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SYSOP1    NOTE FROM SYSOPS - WARNING - MAARTEN   11/11/2003 8:05:16 AM
While we are allowing the post of Maarten to stand, we STRONGLY ADVICE THAT YOU DO NOT view the embedded link. IT is NOT for the faint of heart, and contains graphic violence and mayhem SysOps .
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