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Subject: Apartheid
Raven    7/6/2005 4:04:51 AM
I was wondering for how long will Apartheid be blamed for all the problems in South Africa. What strikes me most is the fact that we are constantly reminded that "we were freed from a horrible regime" yet the moment there is a problem in South Africa Apartheid is always blamed although Apartheid has past almost 11 years ago. With the modern country South Africa was is 1994 in context with Africa how can you with all these infrastructure not succeed ! Apartheid did keep this country running under heavy economic restrictions (I am not supporting Apartheid just making a comparison) and did very well in comparison to the rest of Africa which still blames colonization. It's Africa's favourite trend to always shift the blame !
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FJV    RE:Apartheid   7/6/2005 1:21:43 PM
Just because the current South African govt. is crap doesn't mean that apartheid was OK. The current situation does make one wonder about all those people who were "so busy and committed" with South Africa during apartheid aren't so busy and committed to South Africa now.
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Raven    RE:Apartheid   7/7/2005 3:33:55 AM
I never deemed Apartheid to be OK. As for the people who were so committed I have to agree, South Africa has become a country in which the trend is every man for himself, for me it's a sad fact. What strikes me though is Africa's trend to blame every one else but themself for their current situation (which includes South Africa).
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Afri-Poke    RE:Apartheid   2/8/2006 1:16:30 PM
If you subscribe to dependency theory, Apartheid will be blamed for two generations from the point of so called 'freedom'. I am not sure how accurate this will apply to South Africa's situation as most Dependency Theory research has been conducted on countries where large 'colonial' population do not exist (I know Afrikaners do not consider themselves colonialists, I don't mean any offense by using this popular expression). The RSA might be different, as there is a large white community and a large Asian community that is not leaving. Could be interesting.
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Hugo    RE:Apartheid   2/8/2006 1:57:33 PM
"I was wondering for how long will Apartheid be blamed for all the problems in South Africa." For at least as long as the "White Devil" has been blamed for the disaster in Zimbabwe rest assured..
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