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Subject: 32 battalion: Are they really infamous or just famous?
Sentinel    5/16/2005 6:56:26 PM
I just ordered a book on them. Haven't gotten it yet, because it has to come all the way from S.A. I've heard them described in mostly bad terms. Which is not to say that they are described as incompetent. But usually they are called "infamous", the articles I've read never give examples of behavior that was disproportionately brutal or immoral. My impression thus far is that they were a very competent unit, but got a bad rap because they fought for the aparthied government. Also it is because the victor writes the history. Is this a fair assesment on my part?
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americanidol2    RE:32 battalion: Are they really infamous or just famous?   5/17/2005 4:23:16 AM
who wrote it?
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Sentinel    RE:32 battalion: Are they really infamous or just famous?   5/17/2005 5:39:17 AM
It is written by Jan Breytenbach. I belive he was their commander or Sgt. Major. We'll see.
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flecha    RE:32 battalion: Are they really infamous or just famous?   6/1/2005 2:15:29 AM
They were the finest light infantry Unit of their times, with a fighting reputation second to none. Jan Breytenbach was the Units founder,He has written 3 books about them, the latest being "Buffalo Soldiers" Piet Nortjè who was the longest derving RSM of the Unit has written a book called "32 Battalion". For more info about them go to :
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Monsoon       3/22/2010 9:57:06 AM
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Monsoon    MS   3/22/2010 10:26:03 AM
    Hi Sentinal!! has it right ,32 Battalion of the SADF won all its engagements against Cuban  soldiers,,,,,,,, Russian Advisers....... east German Advisers.........North Korean advisers........all the communists were there ,and I assure you none of them were advisors they were soldiers ,and when they were captured in Angola they were returned ,under threat of South African citizens in Angola on Holiday or in Zimbabwe on holiday or botswana on holiday,or South African citizens in any of the front line states would be picked up and accused of spying,so if we did`nt kill the advisers,they were sent back,we stopped capturing them alive,and I might add that some of our prisoners were English fightingt on the communist`s side,one was a ex Para from Birmingham!!,He was mortally wounded and died soon after capture,I was called to talk to him ....But he said little before he died,He was captured at a battle called "Benquala Railway"we captured a Russian Colonel and he was mortally wounded and when we went into the building to drag him out a Russian soldier ran at us, we shot him turned out to be the Colonel`s Daughter in full combat clothes firing a pistol,when she fell her hair was released , I hope there is more discussion on war than I`ve seen so far ........but who knows???? 
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