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Subject: Save our country.
Anina    5/15/2005 2:57:08 AM
Our country is a really improtant thing for all of us. South Africa is going under like all the other African countries. Reemember when we used to be a first world country.I live in Australia now because it is too dangerous to live in my country. Someone here said to me that Johannesburg airport was the most beautifull airport they have ever been to. I could not believe it because Johannesburg airport looked so bad when I left South Africa. I wasn't alive when Johannesburg airport was that beautifull. Why can't we and our children get to know this country as that place it used to be when my grandma and grandpa was young. We should do something about it. Our children deserve to know thier country the way our grandparents did. I have thought this matter over and over the only conclursion God brought to me was to get as many Afrikaners to turn and repent for He helped us at Blood River and He and only Him can help us again but He can't do anything if we don't have the faith. Yes, I am Afrikaans but I will never be a racist. God has made every person. I met some black people from south Africa here and they are devoted to God. They are my friends and my famnily. They are people of my Father, my family. We should all be like this. The black people do have a right to land in South-Africa but so do we. No one can help us but God. Turn and repent for He is mighty and strong.
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americanidol2    RE:Save our country.   5/18/2005 4:33:10 AM
You got that right turn and repent while leaving africa. God will give and god will take it away when sins comes over your good. Its gods punishedment for been racist and treating another gods creator so bad. At least blacks have the most important now. Right to choose their future. Good or bad its their decisions.
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