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Subject: Egyptians Rise Up Against Islamic Radicals
SYSOP    7/2/2013 5:14:04 AM
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Chris       7/2/2013 12:33:19 PM
There have been growing diplomatic and economic ties between Israel and several Persian Gulf Arab countries over the last decade. Many in the Gulf States want to trade with Israel and are fed up with the Palestinian self-destructiveness and inability to make peace with Israel.
The growing detent between arab countries and the Israeli's is a rather surprising result of the massive screw-up that was the Invasion of Iraq, that took out Iran's most feared enemy, and put Iran into the power-brokers seat in the middle east.
The arab nations (largely) did the math, and realized that Israel is far less scary to deal with than the bellicose Iranians, who make no secret of wanting to dominate the middle east.  Besides, Israel is a proven and reliable business partner, and they make outstanding quality military gear (amongst other products).
While much of the diplomacy (and business) being done is accomplished quietly, even some of the really nasty anti-Israel propaganda is being toned down.
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bikebrains    The Importance of Words   7/2/2013 1:01:45 PM
"The Israeli government announced that from now on Jewish settlers in the West Bank making "price tag" attacks will be treated like terrorists."   The word "settler" is always used in the United States to describe the Israelis who move to the territory given to the Arab State as described in United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 (Source:    Reference.Com defines "settler" as a person who settles in a new country or a colony.   The words "colonist" or "colony" are never used in the news media of the United States.   The word "colony" would be a better description of the Israeli enclaves in the West Bank because Reference.Com defines "colony" as a group of people who leave their native country to form in a new land a settlement subject to, or connected with, the parent nation. The colonization of the West Bank by Israel cannot be discussed as such because colonization is a U. N. no-no and colonist are seen as people who use force to take other people's land.  If you do not believe me on that last point, just ask any Native American.    For more on decolonization see:  .   Thus political correctness rather than the precision of good writing style dictates the use of the word "settler."  
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