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Subject: Ukraine Builds Its Own
SYSOP    10/1/2022 5:54:18 AM
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voland       10/1/2022 12:35:32 PM
"Russia has helped broker a ceasefire and is promoting settlement talks. Russia also builds Israeli UAVs under license and wants this matter settled." Nope. Russia does not want it settled. Russia wants hostilities to continue so that it can retain influence in the region using "peacekeeping" troops. "... lost its access to most Israeli tech because of their attacks on Ukraine in 2014..." It never had significant access to Israeli tech. All they had was a license for some small UAVs with obsolete tech. The reason was Russian cooperation with Iran: Israel did not want Iran to have their tech, while at the same time it wanted to have a non-confrontational relationship with the Russians. "Despite a larger military budget and more resources, Russia has not developed much modern UAV technology." Russia under Putin is a country run by the FSB allied with the Russian mafia. Funding money is being stolen from Putin all the way down. Nothing works. As we now know, even military equipment in storage was looted, and components were sold off. Russia by now has no functional industrial base. It cannot develop even low-tech products, let alone high-tech.
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Plissken       10/5/2022 11:08:52 AM
Amazing what one can do with $60 billion in funding and endless additional installments. Maybe after the war we can enlist Ukraine to defend America's borders.
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