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Subject: Tu-22 Forever
SYSOP    1/16/2020 5:07:41 AM
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trenchsol       1/17/2020 3:17:30 AM
I know one thing. Everyone is trying to get rid of swing-wing (variable geometry wing) aircraft as soon as they can. If they performed well. They are mechanically complex and, most likely, maintenance intensive. As soon as some aircraft are to be written off, swing-wing ones are often the first to get an axe. For example, US Navy and Air Force got rid of F-111 and F-14. They were replaced by F-15E and F-18. F-15E lacks the range of F-111 and F-18 does not have performance equal to F-14 did. Also, Navy wanted an F/A airplane, to serve both, as fighter and bomber, which is logical, because the number of aircraft on the carrier is limited. However, F-14, probably, could have been upgraded, but it got retired instead. B-1 might be retired soon, too, while B-52's will keep flying. European nations have plans to retire their Tornados in near future, too. So, it is logical that Russian air force want s new bomber. Tu-22 and Tu-160 are both swing-wing airplanes. Tu-160 is, probably, more important because of its speed. Russia needs to defend a lot of territory and high speed is of the essence.
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davidhughes       1/21/2020 10:57:45 PM
Caveat to the previous comment: There is no evidence that the swing-wing feature of the Tornado is any way a problem. It has remained in service with European air forces for far, far longer than either the F-111 did with the USAF or the F-14A did with the USN. If done correctly and needed (it was a very useful feature when available engines were not powerful enough and needed assistance in certain flight regimes) the swing-wing was a very useful feature.
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