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Subject: We can save Mr. Dikes and the kid in the hole
newjarheaddean    2/3/2013 1:31:09 AM
AHOY, Please gents lets roll with this. I have posted it on my blog. Sunday, February 3, 2013 We can save Mr. Dikes and the kid in the hole AHOY, HEED THIS! IMO if we as a nation came together in this "information age" and "Promised" i.e. gave Mr. Dikes our word/words plural, that we all well see to it, that you sir get a "just" i.e. fair deal. I mean imo this Vietnam vet, well have a case, and the sixth and seventh sense to understand the logic of this offer. We all are going to get involved and make sure the "system" works. I mean how many psychos have gotten away with "murder" in this nation? Let go for technicalities. So its up to everyone to go "viral" with this offer. My internet abilities are very limited. And Mr. Dikes, sir, imo you should not put your ear up to that pile to lesson to anything, "they" lol could put another hole in your head. LOL you now besides your eye nose and ear holes. Thank you Mr. Dikes, i have a good feeling about this. And take care of the kid i.e. "that one child" as Mr. o said. And in the end you may save us all. "wHEN IT COMEs to persecution and suffering that fairy tail about christ dose not have )S) anything on me. "or alot of other people for that matter". G-day!
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