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Subject: How to determin the best fighter plane of WW-II.
45-Shooter    1/25/2013 8:27:40 PM
Given that there are eight atributes on this list, and that no-one has chosen to add any more, I will now weight this list as I think things aught to be. Remember that eight catagories means that the AVERAGE is 12.5% Please feel free to change them as you like for the discussian by the rest of us, or just pick my choices all to hell and back! The entire idea is to have a good argument. 1. Cruising speed under combat conditions. 20% 2. Range/Persistence under combat conditions. 20% 3. Flight qualities, specifically the ability to point the nose at the target easily and a very high rate of roll. 15% 4. CL Guns with high MV/BC and rates of fire. 15% 5. Pitch response, IE the rate at which you can load the plane. 10% 6. Climb at Military Power. In WW-II terms, that means ~75-80% throttle, rich mixture and appropriate pitch on the prop.( A setting that can be held for at least 30 minutes!) 10% 7. Top speed! To escape or run down the target. 5% 8. Lastly the ability to turn in the so called "Dog Fight"! 5%
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